The British company shown in one of the most popular TV series comes to Poland!


NAT has signed a cooperation agreement with a British company ARMTRAC on 04.17.2014 

ARMTRAC is a manufacturer of multi-tasking machines designed to operate in the mine areas  or high risk areas with  unexploded ordnance, IEDs and others. 

In addition to the typically counterexplosive tasks ARMTRAC machines can perform many other activities such as leveling, pushing, lifting, etc. 

NAT will  also sell ARMTRAC products to other markets. 

ARMTRAC 400, the largest of the machines produced by the company can be seen in action in one of the most popular automotive programs in the world. The well-known presenter of the program operated the  machine from the  inside cabin and by the remote device, showing its versatility and durability. 

Fans of the  TV series (shown also in Poland) will definitely remember this episode.





New Arms Technologies - 2014